Repairs & Servicing

We also provide Engineers and Technicians to carry out onboard & afloat servicing and repair of the following:

Diesel Engines

Afloat and workshop complete overhaul / servicing of 2 and 4 stroke MAN B&W, Wartsila / Sulzer, Yanmar, Daihatsu, etc, engines.  We carry out laser bore alignment for 4 stroke engines.  Our engineers have been trained and will provide advice.  We can provide fully serviced (to makers specifications) cylinder heads, pistons and connecting rods to reduce downtime significantly.


Servicing & Retrofit of Gali Air Starter Motors

Our team in Chittagong, Bangladesh carrying out retrofit of Gali Air Starter Motor.            Our team in Singapore carrying out servcing of Gali Air Starter Motor

Air Compressors

Repair or fully recondition reciprocating or screw type air compressors.  Fully recondition air compressors with new spares, eg, inlet/discharge valves, piston rings, bearings, etc. and carry out function test before despatch to vessels.



Full remanufacture of various makes & models of purifiers with fully balanced bowls and function tested in our workshop.


Purifier bowl balancing

Ark Vision has a Schenk vertical bowl balancing machine and can carry out balancing of various makes & models of purifiers in our workshop. A complete report will be provided for every completed balancing job.

  • Specializing in repair various makes and models for LO and FO Purifiers
  • Bowl assembly, fully reconditioned & balance for exchange and outright sale
  • Remanufacturing available for exchange basis and outright sale
  • Centrifuge bowl repair and balancing
  • Full-service exchange program for centrifuge bowls and control circuit boards.




Carry out servicing of various makes & models of Turbochargers



Repair or fully recondition various types of pumps, centrifugal, screw, gear, vane type, European & Japanese pumps.


Hydraulic Motors & Pumps

Fully recondition various makes & types of hydraulic motors & pumps.  Load tested in-house.


Water Makers (RO)

 Installation, commissioning, and repair of various types of Water Makers (RO type)



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