Technical bulletin 21/2018

Ark Vision Spare & Engineering Specialist Repairs


Now Ark Vision has qualified & experienced engineers capable of carrying out standard servicing and trouble-shooting of following systems:

1. Main Engine Alpha Lubricator

a.   Check the index transmitter linkage.

b.   Calibrate index transmitter.

c.   Check and clean pick-up sensor and calibrate distance.

d.   Check and adjust angle encoder.

e.   Ensure correct connection to ALCU.

f.     Clean suction and delivery filters of booster pump station.

g.   Check all cable terminals on the electrical component for slackness

h.   Replace of inlet/outlet accumulators and all the solenoid valves

i.     Replace Gear Pumps if found necessary.

j.     Overhauling all the lubricators

k.   Calibration on HMI panel according to Shop trial record.


2.Main Engine Pneumatic Control System, V.I.T & reversing cylinder for the maneuvering system and simulation test

a.   Remove/Overhaul/Functional test/Refit

b.   ME Reversing cylinder of the maneuvering system Remove/Overhaul

c.   ME VIT cylinder of the maneuvering system Remove / Overhaul / functional test / Refit

d.   Upon completion of pneumatic system assembly, simulation test to be carried out.

e.   During simulation test, any adjustment (if required) to carry out accordingly.

f.     ME Trial/Mooring trial/Sea trial attendance upon request by owner (Optional)


Posted : 23/06/2018

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